The Present Year of 2017 has shown a remarkable growth in the sales of Japanese Kei Cars in the first quarter with a 16.5 percent boost in the month of April. The light automobile industry is on the steady rise with a rapid demand in small-sized vehicles in Japanese domestic market as well as around the world.

Some years back, people used to keep bigger cars to show better status and luxury standard of living. The full-sized or mid-sized sedans were of popular choices of customers with having a great demand and value. As per the time, there has been also a trend of huge SUV’S and Wagons which are still considered the best for a fun-loving and exciting family-friendly driving journey.

Although, these attractive sedans and SUV’S are still much popular in the market but due to heavy traffic conditions and environmental pollutions there has been a tremendous rise in purchase of small Kei cars in Japan which provide all kind of comfort and convenience to customers. This New Advent of Kei Cars has revolutionized the global auto industry with the leading market capture in Japan to produce best selling small cars for customers all around the world.

Following are the core reasons for the sudden increase in K-Cars Sales in Japan:

  • Reduced Compact Small Size
  • Eco-Friendliness and Fuel Efficiency
  • Tax Exemption on Vehicle Import
  • Electric Kei Hybrid Vehicles

Reduced Compact Small Size

The light-duty urban trendy Kei Cars are designed with compact small reduced size which is a favorable option for buyers to get these cars as they occupy less space with ease of drive and road handling for customers. These little family hatchback cars offer appealing variety of exterior appearance with a comfortable spacious interior design by keeping a strong focus on increased cargo storage accommodation to have a complete package of outdoor fun and recreation.

Eco-Friendliness and Fuel Efficiency

Eco-Friendliness is now considered as an integral factor in driving vehicles fortunately are available in Japanese mini cars with strict environmental friendly policies to provide zero carbon emissions and more positive green environment. Fuel Efficiency is a characteristic in small Kei cars to smartly save as much fuel with an efficient drive and a less burden on driver’s pocket.

Tax Exemption on Vehicle Import

The positive thing which urges buyers to import Japanese Kei vehicles is an exemption on light-motor vehicle tax regulations on less than 1000 CC cars. The taxes include vehicle excise tax, automobile weight tax, automobile liability insurance, and annual road tax. The thorough vehicle safety inspection is required to pay the automobile weight tax after being cleared through the entire process.

Electric Kei Hybrid Vehicles

The Electric Kei Hybrid Cars are latest technological innovations inspiring buyers to purchase uniquely designed and smartly driven Kei hybrid vehicles which requires rechargeable lithium ion battery for a smooth on road drive for customers. The Mitsubishi i-Miev is the single example of the tiniest electric vehicle on planet.


Japanese Kei Cars provide an affordable and reliable buying choice for customers and has the highest percentage of sales in this year with their finest appeal design, fuel performance, and advanced safety preventive features.

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