Daihatsu Mira E: S The Fuel-Efficient Mini Car has been recently revamped and fully remodeled by using the new DNGA  (Daihatsu New Global Architecture)Platform. The new Eco and Smart Mira is the very first vehicle to have been designed with this kind of business structure that offers a user-oriented approach to producing vehicles. It is a unique approach of creating small Kei cars equipped with a fuel efficiency, affordability, and safety which puts extreme focus on a car appearance and driving features.

Daihatsu Company has an aim to create small mini vehicles with an idea of providing ease and comfort in driving by putting a first step in manufacturing compact mini future cars and bringing them in a global market.

The new redesigned Mira has been carefully marketed with a family-friendly attitude with a special focus for independent women and senior citizens  with ease of drive to make their lives much easier. This modern and urban trendy mini car basically fulfills two essential elements; Firstly, To provide outstanding fuel efficiency at a highly affordable price and Secondly, To provide driving safety for customers by having equipped with “Collision Avoidance System Smart Assist III” advanced safety feature.

It is a smart and vibrant Eco-Friendly 660 CC gasoline fuel engine mini hatchback car being offered with 35.2 Kilometers/liters fuel economy with a reduced vehicle weight of 80 Kilograms as a light-duty small Kei Car. It has come up with an innovative and impressive 4WD exterior design look with a comfortable 5 seating luxury interior consisting of both spacious passenger and cargo storage accommodation for customers. It has also been powered by an automatic CVT Speed Transmission with a grade price package of “G SA III”.

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