The Present Era is an era of emerging technology and innovation and the world is progressing towards more technological advancements for making lives easier. The artificial intelligence and robotics technology is being smartly utilized for executing varied tasks and purposes. In the automotive industry also there have been many efforts and endeavors for bringing in new innovative amazing technology features for making a better enjoyable driving experience. There are many automobile companies jumping into the competition to bring in new concepts and ideas of driver-less cars for the next generation driving.

The Japanese leading automobile giant Toyota has also surprising plans to introduce autonomous driver- less cars on the roads by the year 2020. It has been experimenting with new automated driving technologies through a program called as “Highway Team Mate” with a core dedicated focus and aims to launch by 2020. The company has been researching on automated driving technologies since the era of 1990 and now comes up with a surprising concept of three types of intelligence named as Driving Intelligence, Connected Intelligence, and an Interactive Intelligence.

The Driving Intelligence will be all about advanced recognition and predictive decision-making functions. The connected Intelligence will provide vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication. The interactive intelligence will keep a focus on recognizing the driver’s status develops a transfer of control between a driver and car. It has been working on the test vehicle which is a revised Lexus GS Version and features equipment enabling automated driving on highways by using on board technology for the purpose of evaluating traffic conditions, merging onto or exiting highways, changing lanes and safely maintaining distances between vehicles.

It has conceived this brilliant idea and endeavoring hard to make this dream turn into reality by doing extensive research in its Toyota Research Institute. The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has recently shown its 2.0 generation advanced safety research vehicle display at the Prius challenge event in Sonoma California. The new test vehicle will be used to explore the complete range of autonomous driving capabilities. This newly advanced safety research vehicle will be the very first autonomous testing platform developed by the Toyota Research Institute with the aim of a rapid progress of autonomous self-driving car program. It will be built on the latest generation Lexus LS 600HL and will soon feature a robust drive by wire interface. It will heavily focus on a machine vision and machine learning and will be designed to be a flexible, plug and play test platform. It will be used to develop both of core research paths including chauffeur and Guardian Systems.

Chauffeur is an option which uses the level 4 autonomy for a self-driving car in confined geographical areas. On the other hand, The Level 5 full autonomy is an advanced option which allows this self-driving autonomous vehicle to move anywhere.

Guardian is a high-level driver assist system which continuously monitors the inside and outside driving environment of the car and is always ready to make the driver be alert to all potential dangers on the driving path.

The Toyota Concept-I is a smart concept iconic bold design autonomous car masterpiece introduced at the consumer electronics show in 2017. This futuristic style urban-class autonomous car has been creatively and innovatively built with a weird exterior design and consists of four seating interior with swing open doors for giving a stylish appeal to customers. This intelligent and brilliant autonomous car will have tremendous abilities of shared intelligence from other vehicles such as data gathering and advanced connectivity technologies. It will help provide advanced high-level driver assist features to help prevent from unexpected sudden collisions and save people lives.

Concept-I will give everyone a thrilling and exciting driving journey experience with a true sense of safety and comfort for passengers. This family-friendly autonomous self-driving car will be perfect for the little family and provide an ease of travel with pleasure and sheer fun leisure.


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