Bygone is the era of manually driven cars as there is having much more advancements and rapid transformations in vehicles of the modern times of 21st Century. It is obviously uncertain and impossible to predict the future, but we can better foresee it. The future of the automobile is really amazing perfectly synced with digital technological innovation. It’s now a time for transforming our dreams into practical reality. Many leading automotive and technology companies are competing with each other in doing hard effort research in designing dynamic self-driving cars. It is going to bring about a dynamic revolution in the self-driven vehicle system.

Autonomous Cars are far better than manual cars as they are always prone to accidents. Self- Operated Cars are specifically being designed by using the perfect combination of all the latest technologies such as driver assist system and automatic braking technology. Now the car driving has gone beyond the human control as it will now be completely dependent on advanced reliable cloud-based technologies. Moreover, there will be added vehicle to vehicle sensors to easily help navigate the right driving direction on the road. Driver less Cars will soon become a necessary option and affordable means of secured transport in the near future. Collaborative Bots Technology will also be introduced for providing a helping hand to drivers for a well controlled and safe driving. The V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) Sensor is an excellent technology help prevents sudden vehicles collision.

The automotive telematics is the most modern technique of controlling the navigation of cars with the help of advanced global positioning systems and satellite communications. It constantly keeps a vigilant eye and monitors the exact location of the vehicle along with its driving speed and number of car brakes pressed. It also provides several functions like car road assistance, satellite vehicle tracking, traffic management, security, and leisure.

The talking cars will be the best transformation of next-generation cars as they will now be sensing and communicating with other by means of powerful radar signals. These cars will be installed by a huge variety of features such as forecasting weather, traffic control, and convenient vehicle parking.

Autonomous Vehicles will soon provide the true idea of real time sensible driving in the coming era of next-gen digital auto innovation.

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