Buying a brand new car is a generally prevailing trend all over the world. New cars are always attractive and provide a feeling of joy and pleasure in driving. Used Cars on the contrary, have a less amount of buying percentage. In a Japanese automobile industry, there is a good demand of second hand car buyers to buy good condition cheaper cars. The best way to buy a used car in Japan is from a Japanese car auction.

Japanese car auction is the biggest auto auction system in the world. It is based on strict guidelines to follow for both dealers and customers to import good condition used cars to their own country. There are 200 auction houses in Japan some of the reputed names are defined as Aucnet auction, USS Auction House, TAA Auction House, ARAI Auction House, JAA Auction House, BCN Auction House, BAYAUC, CAA Auction House, ASNET, and the Honda Auction House.

Before moving on, we must need to describe readers about the necessary steps to import cars from an auction.

  • Selecting a vehicle from auction
  • Submitting the initial deposit money
  • Making a successful bidding
  • Clearing the remaining payment
  • Delivering a vehicle to customer
  • Selecting a vehicle from Auction

It is the first and foremost step of choosing your desired vehicle from a bulk random auction. It requires selecting your preferred car at the lowest possible prices.

  • Submitting the initial deposit money

The next step is to deposit a small amount of initial payment for reserving a vehicle. It is also termed as down payment money. This is a necessary requirement of making first deposit for customers to buy a car from the live auction.

  • Making a Successful Bidding

This is another step of making a live bidding for a vehicle in an auction house. The selling price is gradually raised to the peak level as the bidding finally stops on the certain price amount. This is a winning bid price for dealers to buy the desired vehicle.

  • Clearing the remaining payment

This is an essential step of clearing all the remaining payment before a vehicle is being shipped. As the complete payment is done, the vehicle is delivered by vessel to customers at their doorsteps.

  • Delivering a vehicle to Customers

This is a final step of delivering a vehicle to customers. It requires a bill of lading and other import shipping documents. The vehicle is then shipped and delivered to customers within 4 weeks time.

The above step by step procedure will provide an easy understanding for readers to better know about the Japanese used car auction.

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