Beneficial Tips for Buying an Economical and Fuel Efficient Car

Increasing your gas mileage is the best factor to maintain your car with economical factor including. Those who know well about how to increase gas mileage or how to avoid from extra usage of gas have better idea on its car maintenance budget as compare to others. It is not very hard to get control on it. You just need to care few things which are as follows:

  • Some major issue connected like faulty oxygen sensor can decrease your gas mileage up to 40%. You can test state emissions and if something found out of tune then get it fixed. In other words you can increase your gas mileage up to 40 %.
  • Tires playing a important role to get better gas mileage. Make sure that your 4 tires proper inflated by 1ps. It will help in 1 to 2 % in gas mileage.
    Keep your tires filled proper inflated. From just 1psi in all 4 tires can reduce your gas mileage approx 0.3 %.
  • With best suggestion from your vehicle manufactures for motor oil you can bit high your gas mileage up to 1 to 2 %. Perfect match motor oil can increase your engine life.
  • Aggressive driver can never be good in gas mileage control by his speed up and down. Specialist said that if we drive smoothly then we can cover 1 to 3 % gas mileage in highway and 3 to 4 % in cities.

If you follow above few tips, you will definitely increase your gas mileage and be good driver who knows how to control car economy. You can also get economical car which will give you best gas mileage.

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