Nissan has never lacked behind in the race for producing the best cars in the market and this is the reason that Nissan still remains a tough competitor in the automobile industry. It has hit the market with great cars that have lured many buyers and this time again Nissan has come up with another vehicle that is surely bound to attract lots of reviews and customers.

Nissan release its latest and eye-catching version of the Evalia which has entered the list of the many cars that have been produced by the Japanese manufacturer. It is a variant of its previous model and has been packed with some extra features to induce a newer classier look. It has been categorized as a utility vehicle.

Nissan, a high quality Japanese Car Maker, announced that it had made significant changes to the latest model of the Evalia in order to make it more efficient in its performance along with introducing a new body design that is bound to look elegant. It is also manageable and affordable in terms of its pricing.

The design and feel of the car has been modified to a fine degree with additional features like the front grille made of chrome, excellent fog lamps and a wonderfully redesigned bumper. The interior has also complemented the design in all aspects the sliding windows and roof AC vents are some of the features that are in line with the overall plan. It is fitted with an excellent audio system, internal rear view mirror, rear wiper and USB connectivity etc. All these minor things combine to increase the overall feel of the car.

Nissan personnel were really happy and confident regarding their product. They were extremely hopeful about its success in the market as they believed it carried all the essential features which a customer would require in a vehicle like this.

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